Here Are 5 Car Accessories You Must Buy

by Simran Raheja on June 28, 2023

Owning a car is a dream come true for most Indians. When you spend your hard-earned money on buying your favourite car, you also expect to keep it safe and functional in every condition. Car accessories can help your car stay reliable and last longer. They are a long term investment that helps in making your life easier and simpler with your car.


Here are 5 car accessories every Indian car owner must buy.

1. Car Cover

Most of the car owners don’t have a garage in their house. Either their car is parked down the road or parked in an open verandah. In both cases, your car is exposed to sun, rains, dust, dew and other extreme climatic conditions. All this can deteriorate the paint and other external accessories including camera, sensors and lights of a car.

Well, you can’t give it the protection of a garage but you can surely cover your car to mellow down the outdoor climatic impact. Invest in a good quality waterproof cover that can keep your car safe from dirt and moisture in all seasons.

2. Seat Covers

For many people, car becomes their second home due to long commute hours and frequent road trips. You and your fellow passengers tend to eat snacks or drink their early morning coffee in the car. And the chances of spillage are far greater in a car.

To save the original seats of your car from everyday dirt and stains, it is advisable to invest in a good quality seat cover. Better quality seat covers will also enhance the comfort quotient of your car seats.

3. Smartphone Holder

We always use our smartphones for GPS navigation, listening to music or making calls. Holding a phone in one hand and using another for driving could be dangerous on roads. You can easily place your phone in the smartphone holder while driving to get a clear view of GPS navigation or take calls easily.

One pro tip is to invest in a good smartphone holder. Avoid buying it from traffic signals as their quality is quite terrible and would break easily. It is especially a boon for those car owners who don’t have Apple Carplay or Android Auto in their cars.

4. Car Vacuum Cleaner

If you like keeping your clean then this accessory is a must-have to keep handy. A portable car vacuum cleaner can easily clean your car from dirt, dust and small food particles stuck in inaccessible gaps of the car.

Just plug the vacuum cleaner in the 12-volt socket of the car and start the cleaning spree.

5. Car Ioniser

Be it the smell of stale food or smelly feet, a good quality car ioniser can easily keep the environment in your car hygienic and odour-free. Apart from purifying the air, it also reduces the chances of breathing problems, cough, sneezing and asthma among others. Invest in a good one to always maintain fresh air inside your car.
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